Targeting Local CRM allows an unlimited amount of account users with flexible user access levels. When you add a new user, you can choose from the following roles: call agent, billing, call manager, report manager, marketing manager, administrator, and agency administrator.

All account users will have access to the Targeting Local CRM softphone. The features that are available to each individual user may vary depending on the account’s plan, access controls applied to that user, customized account or agency settings, and whether the user has access to multiple accounts.

User Roles: Video 6:30 – 11:05 min.

Call Agent

Call agents can view calls that are specifically assigned to them in the call log. Calls are automatically assigned to agents when they answer calls from a call queue or answer calls that are routed to their user name. Calls can also be automatically assigned to agents by options in a voice menu, or assigned manually using the + set agent option in the call log.

Call Manager

Call managers can view all calls in the call log and will also have access to the text log, if texting is enabled. Call managers can edit the blocked callers list, do not call list, and call scoring options. They can also send single or bulk text messages from text-enabled tracking numbers.

Report Manager

Report managers have all the same access as call managers, plus the ability to view the Reporting section of the account. In addition to all the abilities a call manager would have, report managers can export the call log, view and schedule call reports, view and edit the overview report, and view the real-time agents dashboard.


Account administrators are the highest level users in the account and can view and edit all aspects of the account. Administrators are the only users who can view, purchase, and edit tracking numbers or enable/disable call recordings. They are also the only users able to access integration settings, add users, or view and edit payment information.


Billing users can view invoices for past payments. They cannot see or edit payment options or any other aspects of the account.