You can send and receive text messages in your Targeting Local CRM account by purchasing and enabling text-supported tracking numbers. Messages are displayed in the text log in your account.

With texting enabled in your account, you can:

  • Send and receive single text messages
  • Schedule text messages to be sent in bulk
  • Trigger events and notifications based on text messages

Checking Supported Numbers

To check which of your existing tracking numbers can be used for text messaging:

  1. Navigate to Numbers → Tracking Numbers.
  2. Locate the column with the cell phone icon (next to the Renewal Date column). Numbers with a checkmark in this column can be used for text messaging in your account.

Numbers that support texting must be text-enabled before you can send and receive texts. Always refer to your Text Numbers page to see which numbers are enabled.

Purchasing Text-Supported Numbers

  1. Navigate to Numbers → Buy Numbers.
  2. Check the box labeled “Support Text Messages” to refine your search so that only text-supported numbers will show.
  3. Use the search tools to find the tracking numbers you’re looking for.

Ported Numbers

If you port a number to Targeting Local CRM that allows text messaging, you will be able to use that number to send and receive text messages through Targeting Local CRM. The number will need to be enabled using the steps below.

If you port a number to Targeting Local CRM that does not support text messaging, text messaging cannot be enabled on that number. You will need to purchase a text-supported number using the steps above, then enable it using the steps below.

Enabling Text Messaging

  1. Navigate to Numbers → Text Numbers.
  2. In the Incoming Text Messages and Outgoing Text Messages sections, the numbers in the list on the right are currently enabled for texts. Click the numbers in the list on the left to move them to the list of text-enabled numbers on the right.
  3. Click Save Settings.