Bulk Skip Tracing for Phone #s & Emails

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ONLY $0.10 per successful lookup. NO CHARGE if unsuccessful.

Email Lookup

Instant Bulk Lookup via Upload

Phone Lookup

Instant Bulk Lookup via Upload


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Obtain Phone Numbers and Emails for Your Lists in MINUTES Not Days!

0.10 per Successful PHONE or EMAIL Lookup

Targeting Local’s Phone & Email Batch Lookup

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Targeting Local has a comprehensive system to query the best highest quality data sources, to INSTANTLY give you the highest quality match rates in the industry. You get Landlines, Cell Numbers, Email Addresses matched to your targeted lists, and are ONLY charged for successful matches provided to you. Some skip-trace services can charge you up to $30.00 per record (successful or not) and can take days to get your results. We have many real estate and small business clients and know fast turnaround times and affordable services are a number one priority. Targeting Local’s phone and email batch lookup service only costs $0.10 per phone number and email address successfully matched and your matches are provided within just minutes of your upload. There’s absolutely NO CHARGE for unsuccessful matches.


Industry leading match rate as high as 70%.


Data lookups append in minutes not days


Online Deliverability of 97% or more


Upload your lists direct to our site 24/7

Phone and Email Bulk Skip Tracing

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You upload your targeted list and our BULK skip tracing systems will INSTANTLY return their landlines, cell numbers, and email addresses. No charge for unsuccessful matches.

  Data is only good to you if it’s accurate. That’s why we do our best to pull data from the highest quality and most current up-to-date databases so you get the most accurate results possible.

  Some skip-trace services can charge you up to $30.00 per record (successful or not) and can take  days to get your results.  We only charge $0.10 per successful match.

Targeting Local

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Services Provided

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Targeting Local provides advanced targeted lead generation systems: Bulk Skip Tracing, Ringless Voicemail, Tracking Numbers, Callback Routing with Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automated SMS Replies, Bulk SMS (coming soon) and more!

  • Bulk Skip Tracing
  • Ringless Voicemail
  • Tracking Phone #s
  • Callback Routing
  • SMS Replies
  • Bulk SMS (soon)
  • Deal Finders
  • Lead Generation
  • Expert Support
  • Cash Buyers
  • Co-Wholesaling
  • 50/50 Splits




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